CoLearn, Indonesia’s leading ed-tech startup, and Ami, the most accessible mental health solutions platform in Asia, have teamed up to launch 1:1 mental health coaching for CoLearn employees. 

As one of the fastest growing ed-tech platforms, CoLearn is not only revolutionising education in Indonesia with scalable tools. It is also keenly building robust teams across Asia to fuel this hyper growth. In a competitive operating environment, employee productivity, morale, and general enjoyment at the workplace become a key challenge to prioritise. CoLearn was looking for a solution that goes beyond the usual Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs) and takes a more holistic approach to mental wellbeing. 

This is where Ami seamlessly fits the puzzle. Ami’s mission is to make mental health care as easy as checking the weather and as comfortable as talking to a friend. This mission is rooted in the belief that with a proactive system that connects employees to the right support from the get-go, occasional distress would be less likely to progress into chronic mental health issues for employees. 

By localising the coaching support both in language and culturally appropriate support, there is a clear focus on enabling a safe, supportive and accessible space for employees to prioritise and pursue better emotional health and wellbeing. On the partnership, CoLearn’s Global Head of People, Suvidha Hughes said,

“It is critical to keep mental health in check so we have a sense of purpose and direction and feel that we can cope with whatever life and work throws at us”. 
What are Ami and CoLearn’s goals for this partnership, then? 
  • To equip colleagues to proactively look after their mental health.
  • To increase adoption and awareness of the Ami’s services.
  • To inspire a cultural shift around mental health.

These goals speak to a much larger truth about the fast-growing startup space. At a time where employee stress levels are at an all time high and the great resignation is afoot, band-aid solutions just won’t do. To manage stress levels arising from demands of a fast growing company and retain top talents, employers need to adopt personalised, accessible and integrated solutions to manage emotional health.

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About Ami

Founded in 2022, Ami is the most accessible wellness coaching solution for fast growing organizations in Asia Pacific. We partner with top startups in the region to provide personalized, on-demand, 1:1 coaching for employees. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you realize your personal and professional goals - ultimately boosting your overall well-being, resilience, focus, and productivity.

About CoLearn 

Founded in 2020 and relaunched in the middle of a pandemic, CoLearn is on a mission to bring Indonesia to the top 50% of Global PISA ranking by being laser-focused on STEM subjects.

Thinking at scale, CoLearn has helped millions of Indonesian students strengthen their STEM concepts since the official launch in August 2020. Answering millions of questions every week with high-quality explanation videos, CoLearn aims to raise the bar of expected STEM subject understanding for Indonesian students.