Indonesia’s all-inclusive workforce platform, Sampingan, and Ami, the most accessible mental health coaching platform in Asia, have joined hands to deliver 1:1 coaching for Sampingan employees.

Sampingan prides itself on creating a sustainable impact for Indonesia. Since 2018, through its tech-enabled solutions, Sampingan has connected more than 1,000,000 Indonesian blue-collar workers with jobs and helped over 150 Indonesian companies to manage their staffing.

In its bid to unlock access to equal opportunities, Sampingan has chosen to invest in its most valuable asset - its people. Thriving and flourishing employees don’t just create a great work culture, but it also gives a great competitive advantage. Fast-paced operating environments like Sampingan’s need constant optimization and multiple stakeholder management. These are skills best honed by consistent interpersonal and intrapersonal evolution of a person.

Employers are increasingly seeking to go beyond band-aid solutions like wellness retreats and mental wellness content libraries to improve their employee development journey- they are seeking more holistic, one-to-one solutions. Sampingan’s partnership with Ami to provide personalized coaching to its employees and encourage this sustained development of its workforce is a testament to that.

“The time flexibility that Ami offers is what employees value the most, and not to mention professionalism and compassion that their coaches have shown in every session.” - People & Culture team, Sampingan

Ami is moving the needle on standard Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs) that are rarely sought out and usually report poor adoption rates. By personalizing coaching solutions for employees and enabling localized, one-to-one access to emotional health coaches, Ami is challenging the status quo. The result? Ami has a 30-50% adoption rate in the first month itself. Ami is not only reducing employers’ costs by over 40% but it is creating a truly engaged workforce.

By empowering employees to take the front seat in their personal transformation journey, individuals now have tools to foster resilience, adaptability, goal-oriented behaviors and a safe-space to check in with themselves regularly. On their experience of working with Ami coaches, Sampingan employees said: 

"My Ami coach can lead the conversation, breakdown and found the root cause, and give quick and effective solutions"
"My coach is a good listener, listens to my story attentively without cutting me off in the middle. I am very happy. Other than that, she also gives me a lot of feedback. A very pleasant coaching experience with Ami."

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About Ami

Founded in 2022, Ami is the most accessible wellness coaching solution for fast growing organizations in Asia Pacific. We partner with top startups in the region to provide personalized, on-demand, 1:1 coaching for employees. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you realize your personal and professional goals - ultimately boosting your overall well-being, resilience, focus, and productivity.

About Sampingan 

Sampingan’s journey began in 2018 as a platform that connected independent blue-collar workers to jobs. Since then, Sampingan has evolved rapidly into an all-inclusive workforce platform, providing an end-to-end work platform for job seekers and an end-to-end digital staffing platform for businesses.

Today, Sampingan has connected more than 1 million workers with more than 150 companies in more than 600 projects with operations in 80 cities across Indonesia.