Mental health care, as easy as checking the weather.

Prioritizing mental health is no longer optional. With Ami, you help employees lead happier and healthier lives by offering one-click mental health counseling anytime, anywhere.

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All sessions are completely confidential.

Available anytime, anywhere

No appointment required - call directly and receive personalized, confidential mental health coaching around the clock
How do I communicate with my Ami coach?
We highly recommend that you use WhatsApp audio calls for each session. If you must use text message, that is available as well but we find this is usually less effective.
What do I talk about with my coaches?
Anything, but we typically find users like to discuss issues around relationships, work, and family. After 1 or 2 sessions, you and your coach will find different areas to explore and work on together like a personal trainer would.
Will you share what I discuss with my coach to my employer?
Absolutely not. Everything stays private between you and your coach.
How do I change coaches?
If you feel uncomfortable with continuing with your coach, feel free to reach out to your support coaches or contact and we will find another coach for you immediately.
Why should I even try this out?
Think of it as why people get personal trainers to help with their physical fitness - it’s a great way to guide you to becoming a happier and healthier person whenever you feel like you need help. Nearly all users (95%) have a positive experience with Ami and say it helps them with their performance at work.
Can I trust my coaches?
Yes. These are individuals who we vet rigorously and are trained in disciplines like clinical psychology and behavioral health that are proven to help individuals better manage their stress. We as the founders are also users of Ami, so we wouldn’t be coached by people we don’t trust!
If I use Ami, will it leave a record on my medical history?
Absolutely not. Everything is completely private.
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Users love Ami

“I feel like it is a great concept that could really help those in need, especially if they want to talk to someone immediately. I really like how easy it is to be able to talk to someone.”

Jean, 25

“This is a really important product that's going to help many who don't have access to or haven't found success with conventional therapy practices. Excited for what's to come!”

Swi, 28

“I found ami to be very personable coaching and less therapy like than I was expecting, which was a nice surprise.”

Andi, 27

“I feel comfortable talking to the therapists—they’re kind, relatable, and good listeners. It’s helped me bring up and deal with a few issues that I’ve kept inside for too long.”

Ria, 29

“Great work experience overall, the coach was very kind and understanding and offered advice from different angles. It was definitely a new experience given I had not had any formal experience with therapy, but it was a smooth introduction into this world that I will surely begin focusing on more.”

Paeng, 24

“As someone who is new to counseling I found it very helpful to talk to a third party about my romantic relationship. I’d be very happy to have this sort of mental health support at my fingertips every day. My only wish is that the pilot was longer, as I was only able to do two sessions.”

Ade, 31